# Preset Animation

There are many default animations built in the mod, you only need:

  1. Set the correct name for the group you want to animate in Blockbench.
  2. Call the animation reference of the path in the animation field of the maid_model.json file.

The tlm-utils plugin can automatically call the animation script reference based on the group name, you just need to click the Re-Analyze Animation button. img

The Blockbench plugin provides all available preset animations, you can right-click in the outliner interface to open the preset animation menu

# Positioning Group

For rendering positioning, based on the pivot point of the group, can be empty.

# armLeftPositioningBone

Position the left-handed item, its parent group must be armLeft

# armRightPositioningBone

Position the right-handed item, its parent group must be armRight

# backpackPositioningBone

Position the backpack shoulder strap, it must be the root group

Last Updated: 1/19/2022, 10:35:27 AM