# Custom Model Pack

Touhou Little Maid mod supports custom model packs, you can quickly make your favorite models through software like Blockbench. The game can read the model package in zip compressed file format, or directly read the folder.

The model packs compatible with the mod of 1.12.2 and 1.16.5 are exactly the same, just that the loading method is slightly different:

  • 1.12.2: The model package needs to be loaded like the vanilla resource package.
  • 1.16.5: The model package needs to be placed in the tlm_custom_pack folder under the game's directory.

It is not difficult to make a custom model package from scratch, even if you are a novice. You only need the following free software:

In addition, I also wrote a blockbench plugin for exporting custom models, only applicable to Blockbench 4.0

Plugin site: http://page.cfpa.team/TLM-Utils-Plugins/ (opens new window)

# Quick Start

First you need to understand how to use Blockbench, and second you need to install the tlm-utils plugin.
When everything is done, you can start to make a model package according to the instructions below.

# 1. Create a default model

Create a default model, it will automatically create a default Bedrock Edition model, you can modify on this basis.
If you choose chair, there is no default model.


# 2. Modify it to what you want based on the default model

Need to pay attention to several points:

  1. The maid animation is automatically added based on the group name, so please do not delete or rename at will.

    Want to know what group names are available? Please see the Preset Animation chapter.

    You can right-click in the outliner interface to open the preset animation menu

  2. Pay attention to the parent-child relationship of the group.

  3. Pay attention to the pivot point.

# 3. Create textures

You can edit the textures directly in Blockbench, or you can edit the textures through other image editors.


# 4. Create a model pack


# 5. Export the model into model pack


# 6. Load the model pack & enjoy it!

Last Updated: 1/19/2022, 10:35:27 AM